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The creation of authentic relationships is the only strategy to follow.
You can acquire contacts but you can not acquire the loyalty of your community.


We develop successful qualitative and quantitative strategies. Discover the secret of our cases histories.



Implementation of hardware and server systems; development of coordinated images; integration of statistical analysis of visits; multi-language system support; development of navigation trees; high quality images.


Analysis of online reputation, creation of editorial contents; digital channels on proprietary network, web monitoring.


Activities planning on different channels; analysis of schedules and management of protocols; development of engagement dynamics; budget planning.


Choice of keywords; development of concepts complying with Adwords and Facebook specific policies; budget analysis and adjustment,  campaigns report, data crossing and monitoring of other activities in the social web.

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"Everyone needs publicity, even the good Lord ring the bells."

− Alphonse De Lamartine

"The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know and understand your customer so well that your products and services are so perfect for him that they sell themselves."

− Peter Drucker

"Instead of interruption marketing one-to-many, the web marketing can provide useful content right in the precise moment when a person needs it."

− David Meerman Scott

Ralph Di Segni

Founder & Director

Gianluca Pontecorvo

Social Media Strategist

Alex Zarfati

Digital PR Consultant

Beny Raccah

SEO & Marketing Consultant

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We carry out projects of web communication, integrated, 360-degree, from Facebook up to E-commerce online. The customer is then joined by our Web Project Manager, who will define, plan and coordinate all phases of the project, up to the online registration of the same.

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Our projects are accompanied by a communication plan that leverages the new media. At the time of launch of the project, we will show you the tools you need at your business and profits for the purpose of conversion and virality of your message. Our commitment is open to social media using all the main channels, from Facebook to Twitter, via Google Plus, up to Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest.

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The ability to have a conversation online is important for a company, as it allows to better understand the opinions that take place on social media and to be able to take part in an active and constant role in them. Integrating communication across multiple platforms makes it more professional and credible, and making it a better idea of the importance of the company.

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